Shakumbhari Devi Temple

Shakumbhari Devi Temple

Shakumbhari Devi Temple Shakti Peeth Shakumbhri, which means the homestead of Shakti Goddess Shakambhari or Shakumbhri, is arranged in the Jasmour town zone, a good ways off of 40 km toward the north of Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh territory of Northern India. It has two significant sanctuaries of Hindu gods: one of the Goddess (Devi) Shakumbhri herself and another, Bhura-Dev sanctuary, found one kilometer away from it toward the east, of the god Bhairava, viewed as her gatekeeper. Another sanctuary committed to this goddess and very renowned is close to the Sambhar Lake, in Rajasthan. Another large sanctuary of Shakumbari devi is situated in Badami, of Bagalkot District of Karnataka.

How to Reach:

By Air

If you want to visit Shakumbhari Devi Temple saharanpur by air you can visit by Dehradun airport and from there you can travel by roadways or Indian Railways , second one option to visit saharanpur by air is board at New Delhi IGI  airport thereafter you can visit either by roadways or Private Bus From Saharanpur Bus Stand.

By Train

The nearest railway station is Saharanpur which is around 40 Km away from the temple.

By Road

The temple is well connected by road from Saharanpur and Chhutmalpur as well via Behat.